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“I came. I saw. I conquered.”Is there a better a way to start a blog than to follow the life of the person, who not only claimed the Rome, but also claims the title of the most popular salad in the world. Through out the ages there were many outstanding conquerors and generals, whom history will always remember, yet history doesn’t mean everyone. Of course most people heard about Caesar (although to some the name might resemble food more so than a historic figure), fewer know who he was, and even fewer know his achievements. But today I am not going to talk about his biography, rather I will tell you what significance he has on us today (again beside the salad thing).

Gaius Julius Caesar in my childish opinion was always a “good guy”. He was a heroic figure, whom I regarded as one of the best warriors of the Rome. But reality isn’t as sweet as was my imagination.Caesar was probably the first one to introduce dictatorship in its full meaning. He gained his throne through series of civil conflicts, and in his short reign few things changed: the calendar, more civil wars, and the Republic itself became a totalitarian regime. The reason I believe that Julius Caesar appears heroic in many people’s minds is because of the betrayal followed by his tragic death (in that light Brutus takes all the hate and Caesar is regarded with loving memory).

From the first look, he didn’t make a tremendous impact, then why would he be even considered an important historic figure? The reasoning is simple, he prepared the soil on the ground, which few years after his death would be known as the Greatest Empire of the World, which begs another question: What does any of it has to do with today? Well, without him we would not have had today’s humanities core’s lecture on Aeneid. We probably wouldn’t even had this masterpiece of Virgil’s work if it wasn’t for Caesar (since he was the descendant of Aeneas and “father” of Octavian who requested this epic).

Ending note: The are many things that I could of explained in detail (his impact on the formation of Roman Empire, the impact of Roman culture on today’s world), but since it is the first post, I decided to keep it light with few interesting facts. In the future the posts will be longer and, probably more boring. Well, I’ll try my best to keep it fresh.


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