The Second Law of Thermodynamics basically tells us that everything in this world eventually goes to shit. So it is inevitable that no matter how great or how seemingly indestructible an empire is, it will still end up in ruins. But before something falls, something has to rise. Just like in human experience: we live before we die, and while we live it is important to become integrated, or otherwise our lives will turn into ruins even before we die. In my high school I had a Personal Value Class that dealt with issues in life from a Christian perspective. And although I am personally not a Christian anymore, I believe that some things that I learned in this class are crucial to the developing of the character. In this blog I will try to tie a lesson repeated throughout PVC to the topic of empire. Starting with blog post #2 I will discuss five steps of integration: information, interpretation, insight, involvement, and internalization.

Hi, my name is Boris, and I hope that you will enjoy this blog.